NeverTheLess: A Night of Nasty Women

Location: El Barrio’s Artspace PS109, New York, NY
Date: 3/28/2017
Time: 6-10pm
Cost: Free- (cash donation suggested with all proceeds going to: Ms Foundation For Women

This was an event put on by some incredible women as a way to showcase talent, entertain, and empower other women. I was invited to this by a friend of mine, Amy, who is a very talented singer and actress currently residing in Brooklyn NYC. It was an event for women to support other women and help each other feel empowered in this odd and messed up time we are currently living in. The event was free with all the donations going toward Ms Foundation for women.

I went alone, after work, and in the rain (because we CAN do all four seasons in a week). There was a lot of art up on display and the vibe was wonderful. The actual event took place in the basement, so I walked down there, and put up my coat. I arrived a bit after it had started, around 7:30pm (I got on the wrong train headed to the Upper East Side, this tends to happen when you are visiting a new neighborhood and Google Maps wants to play with your sense of well being) and got ready to check it out.

I walked into an very moving reading of an essay/poem about a woman telling how she contracted herpes, and the stigma associated with it. There was great music, talented artists and generally awesome people. It looked very ‘NYC Upper East Side Artist Chic” but it did not feel like that. The space was open and welcoming and everyone just seemed really nice. There was a table with a mini-open bar situation serving free wine and Brooklyn East IPA (Which is currently my favorite new beer). I’m a sucker for free things, especially free wine! The art on the walls was all donated for the event and on sale, so during the break, I checked out the prints and paintings. There was a woman selling jewelry that was designed after biological matrices and a group of women as well selling cool shirts they designed for about $20

Overall, this was a great time. It was an opportunity to connect with other women, meet people, and make friends. In fact, I met a whole new group of people, and ended up planning a trip to Chinatown with this super cute girl who introduced me to Vanessa’s Dumplings MIND BLOWN. Go here. So cheap. So delicious. It’s everything you need in your life.

Anyway, go out there, do fun shit and do it cheaply!




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