4/23/17- Meet Up Experience

So this week for my “Free and Under Five” experience I decided to check out a writing group. The group seemed pretty neat online, found them on meetup.com and they seemed like a very laid back crowd, meeting at a coffee shop in Midtown Manhattan to write together. I got there about 10 minutes early, and it didn’t seem like there was any “Meeting-up” going on. People were mainly in groups of two- staring intently at their phones or talking to each other. Only one other person had their computer out, and he was in a corner, very clearly on his own.

I’d spent that metro pass trip to get all the way to midtown and there was nobody there to write. Nobody. Zero. Which can be disheartening.

However, I’m not discouraged. Sometimes exploring new things on your own is scary and can be embarrassing or feel like a waste of time, but it is not. In the process of coming here, I one- Left my apartment- which, to be fair, is a big accomplishment for some of us on certain days. I also got to have some delicious tea at Argo (which was where the meetup was supposed to happen). Best way to describe this place is like- Starbucks meets Vegan Juice shop. There were some adorable little lamps and cozy chairs, but even the cups were a washed-down green that were a bit too IKEA for my taste. The piped in Jazz along with the giant TV advertising Chia Bubble Teas sealed in the “You’re definitely in Midtown Manhattan” vibe.

They have a patio though, so I’m pretty sure I’ll have another tea here in my lifetime.

Overall- it sucked to come to an event and have nobody attending. However, I still sat down and got some writing done, listened to some good music (throwback to my last year’s summer jam: Ibeyi) and had a lovely evening.

Total cost: $2.89 (A small Hibiscus Apple tea)

As always,

Keep exploring!



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